Top 5 tips for denim shopping


The ‘perfect’ pair of jeans can some times seem like a myth; a fantasy mustarded up by denim fashion houses, making the consumer shop till she drops on the hunt for the right cut and shape, the right rinse while remaining comfortable and good quality.

But I am here to tell you otherwise, the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans are out there waiting for you to pick them up and bring them home to your wardrobe, where they will be worn time and time again.
We are a nation who lives in their jeans, whether they’re boot-cut, straight leg or skinny; everyone loves their jeans. But sometimes, and I admit this myself, we compromise on something (be it the price, the colour, the shape) just because you’re in a rush while you’re shopping, or you’re tired coming in and out of the fitting rooms.
Investing in a perfect pair of jeans, which tick all your boxes, will last you a life time, and will make you feel amazing every time you pull them out of the wardrobe.
I have came up with five top tips on shopping for denim, which will hopefully help you as we are coming into a new season.
If you want your denim to last, you might just have to spend a little bit more than you would normally. If you’re scared to spend, think about it like this; a 20 pound pair of jeans will be grand and do you a few months to a year, but they’re not going to wash well and they’ll end up baggy at the knees or bum and you’ll end up buying a new pair in a year, or even worse a few months.
If you were to invest a little bit more in good quality denim, and wash them according to the instructions, you’ll have a great pair that will do you season after season.
When investing in your perfect pair, try and remain as plain as possible. Rips, embellishment and zips might be on trend now, but what about next summer? Try and get a pair that will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, and you wont mind spending a little bit more. For those fashion forward styles stick to inexpensive denim, that you won’t mind throwing out when the time comes.

Denim only shopping trip

If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans, set a side a day that you will spend shopping for just jeans, nothing else.

Running in and out of changing rooms can be the most frustrating task in the world, why must they have the heat on so high?

If your frustrated and fed-up, you’re more than likely going to just give up and buy a pair for the sake of it. If you stick to just denim, and nothing else, it makes it simple and straight forward. Forget about that pretty dress you spotted in the window!

And forget about the shopping buddy, go it alone and stick to your gut instinct. If they are comfortable and you think they make you bum look great – buy them!


Try new styles

Sometimes people stick to the same style of jeans their whole lives they completely forget there actually is out cuts and shapes out there. You mightn’t think you could pull off a skinny jean, but how do you know until you try them on?

In the same way, flares mightn’t be the most practical of style for day-to-day wear, but why not pick up a pair and try them on, they could be you’re next Saturday night style staple.

Turn off the tunnel vision and have a look around at other styles, you might just surprise yourself.

If your buying a pair of jeans that you know you will wear high heels with, take them with you shopping. There is no point guessing. Pop them in your handbag, and try them on with each pair. Ensure they don’t drag on the floor, which means you will have to get them taken up. There is nothing worse than jeans that are too long and therefore slouch at the ankle, it makes you look shorter than you actually are.
Just maybe tell the fitting room attendant you have heels with you, so you don’t get an uninvited security guard knocking on your door.
This one is simple; big pockets make your bum look smaller, small pockets make your bum look bigger.
Maybe you’re lucky enough and don’t want to enhance or hide your behind, but if you do, it costs a lot less than plastic surgery.
As always thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with another blog post.
Much love,

Naomi. X

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