The top trends of 2019 that you need to know about

Hi guys and welcome to 2019! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and an even better New Years. Mines was great, I had some time off work and caught up with lots of family and friends. However, like a lot of people, I am glad to see January and have a bit of routine again. I would say I’m going to be detoxing this month but that would just be a big fat lie. My birthday is next week and there will be plenty of gin and cake consumed to celebrate. 

In the first blog post of 2019, I am going to be taking a look at the biggest trends that are predicted to take over this year – and what I think of them. It’s always good to be ahead of the game, so if you see any of these trends in the January sales, grab them now. 

Let’s have a look: 

Living Coral
My verdict: Can’t wait!

Pantone announced the colour of their year as Living Coral for 2019 and I cannot wait to see how it will evolve into over the coming 12 months.

Pantone described 2019’s colour as – ‘An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge.’

‘Vibrant, yet mellow, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment,’ they went on to explain.

I think this colour will be beautiful in the Spring and Summertime, and I cannot wait to see how it filters into accessories and clothing. The Pantone colour of the year is typically seen right across menswear, children’s wear and homeware too. What do you think of the colour of the year?

Hair accessories
My verdict: Give them all to me!!

I loveeeeee hair accessories at the minute. Whether it’s a hair band, hair scarf or cute clips or slides – I want them all. I love how they can update any outfit with minimal effort and a really inexpensive way to update your wardrobe.

My verdict: Why not?

I love shorts at any time of the year. You can layer them over tights and wear boots in the winter, and then get the pins tanned and flaunt them in Summer. Who else is dreaming about Summer already? I know I am – I am so over these dark mornings and evenings now. 
Anyways, back to fashion…

Cycling shorts were a huge trend last year and one that I hated – sorry to any of my friends who tried it. But naw, just not for me. I really don’t understand where that trend came from, to be honest. 

This year they will be dumped, and sensible, flattering and a longer and looser style of shorts will take over – thankfully. Think high-waisted, belted, structured and coming down to your mid-thigh – beautiful!

My verdict: YES! 

Pleats are beautifully romantic and will look gorgeous at any time of year. They were really popular throughout Autumn last year, paired with knee high boots and chunky jumpers and they seem to be sticking around for 2019. the tighter pleat particularly. 

If you invested in pleats in 2018, don’t throw it out just yet. They’ll be here for a while yet. 

My verdict: Not so sure… 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn a lot of tie-dyes in my time, but it mostly was on a beach in Thailand and paired with a bikini and a pair of flip-flops. While it brings back beautiful memories of Thai sunsets and sipping on too much Chang, I’m not sure if I’d say it was something, I’d wear every day. 

It was spotted on the catwalks of Stella McCartney and Prabal Gurung and looked a lot chicer than I did admittedly. Who knows, I might change my mind by the time the summer nights come around, but for the meantime, I’ll leave it to the other fashionistas on this planet. 

My verdict: ALWAYS! 

2019 top fashion trends fringing
Another incredibly versatile trend that seems to come back around every year. I love the relaxed western feel, and if anything screams festival season more, it’s fringing. 

Teamed with denim and some cowboy boots and ye-ha – you’re good to go. Cowboy boots were huge last autumn, and with the latest styles filtering into Topshop, it’s clear they’re not going anywhere. Fashionistas have predicted that fringing will be everywhere from bags to jeans to jackets to skirts. 

My verdict: I’m a bit scared…

2019 top fashion trends - neon 
Some of my favourite local bloggers are already all over this trend like Rosalyn Byrne and Snazzy Yazi and they are killing it. I absolutely love the trend, but like most people, I am a bit scared and unsure how I would filter it into my wardrobe. 

If you’re like me, we could maybe start off with some accessories to update an otherwise plainer look and see how we get on. Or team a neon shirt or long sleeve top underneath a dress or shirt so you’re introducing it slightly. I would say that by the summertime comes around, we’re going to be seeing a lot more neon colours. 

My verdict: Why not? 

Sequin fashion trend 2019
Not just for Christmas time, but all year around apparently. Sequins are set to make a huge impact on the fashion stakes in 2019 and I’m excited to see how they’ll evolve. 

When we think of sequins, we tend to just keep them for the month of December but they are far to pretty to pack them away throughout the rest of the year. 

Dedicated beaded style dresses are predicted to be huge in the coming months, in softer shades. So if you have a wardrobe full of glitzy Christmas party dresses – don’t ditch them right away! 

And there you have it, some of 2019’s top trends and my opinion on them. I’m going to make my own predictions and say that animal print seems to be going anywhere – surprise surprise! The utility is always huge, and one of my own favourite trends. Is there a more flattering and versatile colour than khaki? 

What’s your favourite trend for 2019? Let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with more fashionably late content. 

The Big F Word 

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