How do you save money if you’re a shopaholic?

Hi everyone and happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and an easy start to your week. It’s one week closer to Christmas – who else is so excited this year? I cannot wait! 

Today is also Cyber Monday. Are you knee deep in the last of the online bargains or did you spend too much on Black Friday? 

I was really good this year. I didn’t have an endless budget and only bought a pair of black boots, which I desperately needed, a hat and one top.
Why? Because I am trying my very best to save every penny I have. I’m getting married next year, and me and my fiance are also saving to buy our first home together.

This means I’ve had to quit the spending for the last few months, because let’s face it, there are some things that are more important than the latest trends. 

img-20181119-wa00021751841821476533191.jpgGrey Midi Dress – Tesco – £12

The only other recent purchase I’ve made has been this grey midi dress from Tesco last month, and before that, I can’t remember! At the start I hateddddd saving money and all I wanted to do was just blow it all on ASOS, but now that I’ve got into the swing of things, it’s getting easier. 

If you’re anything like me and are finding it hard to save money, I’ve came up with 30 top tips to make it easier. If you’ve any more saving tips, leave them in the comments below.

Top tips to save money

  1. Set a goal and break it down into manageable chunks
  2. Analyse your spending on a dedicated app so you can see exactly where it’s going
  3. Figure out what you spend the most of your money on and ask why? If it’s food, then you know to prepare and look out for better deals. If it’s going out on a Saturday night, then you have to simply cut them down. If it’s clothes, then sorry, you’re going to have to stop buying as much.
  4. Speak to your bank about savings accounts and shop around to get the best deal to suit you. 
  5. Create a savings account and transfer money automatically every month. Put a lock on it so you cannot get into it.
  6. Get rid of your existing debt. There is no point in saving if you have debt that needs to be repaid. I paid off my credit card and cut it up before starting to save properly. If this is unrealistic, then try to transfer your debt to a 0% interest account.
  7. Ask yourself is this a want or a need before buying something.
  8. Recycle outfits. Look to magazines and fashion bloggers for advice on how to wear something multiple ways.
  9. If you desperately need something new, try and pick something versatile. Can you wear it on a night out, casually and to work? Great!
  10. Cut down the treats from weekly to monthly and really look forward to them instead
  11. Prepare your food and take packed lunches and snacks to work
  12. Clear out your wardrobe and see what you can sell on eBay, Vinted or Depop. I’ve made over £200 in recent months from selling my old clothes on Vinted.
  13. Write down a shopping list before you go food shopping and stay focused. You’ll not be as tempted by other options.
  14. Have girly nights in instead of girly nights out. It’s the perfect time of year to get your girls around for a PJ night and the bottle of wine will cost you a lot less from the off licence than in a bar.
  15. Drink more water and cut out fizzy drinks. Its healthy and free!
  16. Cut out buying a coffee every day and maybe make it once a week instead – I know this might be a hard one for some people.
  17. Cancel any subscriptions that you don’t use. After looking at my bank I had two accounts with Netflix that I was paying for every month and an account with Experian that I never used. In total this was almost £35 a month that I wasn’t using. They have now all been cancelled.
  18. Remove your card details from any online stores you frequently shop at. It’ll make it harder for those impulse buys.
  19. Just because there is a sale on, it doesn’t mean you need to buy something. Have a bit of will power woman!
  20. And if you’re anything like me and can’t help but be tempted, then just don’t go into the shop. Eliminate the temptation completely.
  21. DIY. No I’m not referring to manual labour, but if you want to, go right ahead. I mean all your beauty bits. Can you do your nails or your waxing yourself? Do you really need to pay for a spray tan when you can just do it yourself?
  22. Let your friends and family know that you are trying to seriously save. If they respect you, they’ll not tempt you with unrealistic things that you really don’t need like extravagant nights out or holidays.
  23. Look for a cheaper place to rent.
  24. Do you really need that snazzy car and those costly repayments every month?
  25. Carpool. I share lifts with my friend in work and it saves so much money every month on petrol. And it’s nice to not have to drive every week.
  26. Suggest cheap or free things to do with friends
  27. Don’t diss the own brand. Whether it’s in the supermarket or chemist, it’s worth checking out the cheaper alternatives. There are loads of Superdrug’s own brand products I use including their moisturiser and fake tan and I love them.
  28. Shop around when buying anything and see if you can get a cheaper deal somewhere else.
  29. Forget about a holiday for one year. This one makes me so sad, and I cannot wait for our honeymoon to finally go on an amazing trip away.
  30. Don’t beat yourself up and never give up. Life happens and things crop up unexpectedly. From time to time you might have to dip into your savings and that’s OK. As long as you’re not doing it every month and remain focused, you’ll be fine.
The Big F Word
The Big F Word

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