4 reasons why I love Note Cosmetics

I don’t think I’ve ever found a make-up brand that I love as much as I love Note Cosmetics right now.

In my 10 or so years of wearing make-up, I’d say there has only been a handful of times when I’ve repurchased again and again. I am one of those people where I’ll buy something new, maybe because a friend has recommended it, it’s brand new or their clever campaign sucked me in.

But with Note Cosmetics, I have become a loyal fan and I’ve bought a few of their products again and again because I really do love them.

Like any cosmetic product, everyone is different and what I love you might hate, or what suits my skin might make yours break out. So while I’m 100% recommending you give these 4 products a go, please don’t hate me if they aren’t for you. 😂

Here are my 4 reasons why I love Note Cosmetics.

1. Luminous Moisturising Foundation

Taking everything into consideration, this foundation is by far the best foundation I’ve ever used.

Coverage. Ingredients. Cruelty free. Price. Lasting power.


It glides on to my face so easily and doesn’t need too much buffing and blending. I’m really impatient when it comes to doing my make-up and nothing angers me more than having to sit and buff in thick heavy foundation. It takes too long, feels awful on my skin and makes me feel like I need to check it all day to make sure it’s not gone patchy.

With this, the consistency is so creamy but the coverage is still great. It’s also packed full of fab ingredients that will help the skin.

2. Full Coverage Concealer

With concealer, I want something that’s full coverage but won’t feel too heavy on my skin and this little stick is perfect.

It covers my dark circles and red spots, while still feeling light and wearable. And it’s super cheap – what’s not to love?

3. Mineral Powder

During the week I tend to just wear the concealer and this powder over the top. As far as powders go, the coverage is great and it’s not too cakey or heavy.

At the weekend it gives the foundation that little bit more coverage and finishes off the make up look nicely.

4. Ultra Volume Mascara

I have crap eyelashes. They aren’t long and curly like I’d like them to, but I now know how to work with what I’ve got.

This mascara is great! It lengthens my lashes and creates fab Volume. I’ve not bought three of these again and again and I will continue to do so because I love it! The results are exactly what I want and again, the mascara is so affordable.

And there you have it, 4 reasons why I can truly say I love Note Cosmetics. I’m patiently waiting for my other make-up products to run out and I’ll replace them with more of these products.

Why? Because they’re affordable, they’re great quality and they don’t test on animals, which is really important to me.

If you’ve tried any of their other products please leave me a comment and let me know what to try next.

You can check out Note Cosmetics website here or their Instagram here or here.

*This post is not sponsored or paid for in any way, it is just my own opinion of the Note Cosmetic products that I have bought and tried on my own accord.*

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