End of season sales: My top picks

Who doesn’t love a sale? I think I am actually the queen of bargain hunting, I get such a thrill out of a wee bit of discount! Yes, I really am that sad.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I got a couple of things in the Zara sale but my five month old puppy, Nancy, decided that she would try them on for me before I got near them. The delivery man put the Zara box over the gate and she had a field day tearing it open and trailing my brand new dress and jeans around the garden for the day. Thank god they weren’t ruined but the tags and packaging were both ripped to shreds so there’s no returning them. Here’s a photo of her, if you wanted to see what the devil would look like disguised in curly brown fur.

Image may contain: dog

But anyways…there were loads of other massive bargains in the Zara sale. Everything is basically down to £5.99 or less. So I thought I’d put a quick blog post together of my favourite end-of-season sale for all you other bargain lovers out there. And for those who hate sale shopping, I’ll have a full Autumn/Winter style guide up soon with the best of new trends.



Denim dress – £5.99 

Image 1 of DRAPED TOP from Zara

Yellow Assymetrical Top – £5.99 


Blue metallic dress – £5.99 

Image 1 of PRINTED DRAPED DRESS from Zara

Printed dress – £5.99 

New Look

Wide leg culottes – £8 

Colour blocking body suit – £5

Rust coloured mac coat – £25 



Stripe jumpsuit – £25

Pink blouse – £20

Green peg leg trousers – £25 

White woven shoes – £15 

Like any sale, the sizes will be picked over so I’m sorry if you’ve clicked a link and it’s not available in your size. I hope you liked my picks, and like I said I’ll have a style guide up shortly with all the new AW18 stock in stores. Who else is so excited for chunky knits, coats and boots? My favourite! Hope you all have a great week and I’ll be back soon.

Much love,


The Big F Word


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