5 Minutes With… TGAVY

Hey everyone and welcome back to my interview series, 5 Minutes With…

It’s been a while, but this week I’m chatting to the first ever male interview on The Big F Word, and I’m really excited about it!

Tristan McGavigan is a male blogger, and one of the very few in Northern Ireland. The super stylish male blogger splits his time between his home town of Lifford and Belfast where he studies at Ulster University.

In his first year he received a number of awards including Top 100 Men’s Fashion Blog, Top 60 Irish Fashion Blog, Top 50 Northern Irish Instagram Influencer and had worked with a number of huge brands including Mini and Ikea.

His content is unreal and I mean it when I say it, I’ve asked him 100 times, how the hell he can stick sooo strictly to his amazing Instagram theme. If you haven’t already, follow him on Instagram here or check out his blog here.

Let’s hear what he had to say about being a blogger and what his favourite trends are at the minute.

1. Tell me about your blog?

Hey, I’m Tristan and I run my blog TGAVY.com, it’s a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog that ive been doing for almost 2 years now! It’s a place where I cover everything I love including clothes, cars and interiors.

2. What made you start it up?

I loved fashion and photography and a blog seemed like a natural progression, I had wanted to start a one for a long time but finally took the step when I moved away for university.

3. What influences you when creating your content?

As cringy as it sounds it has to be true to me, even as a small blogger you get offered lots of opportunities and free items but you have to be picky and have something unique that keeps people coming back to TGAVY.com. I’m not afraid to say what I honestly think about something which I think helps keep the trust of my audience.

I also love black white and grey and have kept this a running theme on my blog and Instagram since it started, I think this gives my blog a signature style and I also enjoy the challenge of trying to my outfits fit into my Instagram theme haha!

4. Whats your top tip for young men who might want to start a blog too?

Go for it! Obviously, you are stepping into an industry that is predominantly female and you have to be ready for that, but its one of the best things I’ve done. If you have a genuine passion for something whether its clothes, cars, food or anything there’s nothing stopping you, and if nothing else it helps you connect with other like-minded people.

5. What’s it like being a male blogger, as there aren’t many around in NI?

That’s a tough one! Overall I love it, since I’m one of the only men its a huge advantage and allows me to work with some great brands without having to compete, but it also takes a bit of courage. I was the only male blogging in Belfast when I started which took some getting used to but the blogging community in Northern Ireland is definitely one of the friendliest so it’s not hard to fit in

6. What’s in store for TGAVY in 2018?

One of the things I love most about the whole blogging and online ‘influencer’ world is that it’s so unpredictable, you just don’t know what is going to happen next but regardless of where it goes I hope to keep creating loads of content, sharing my outfits and working with some of my favourite brands. I also have some really cool collaborations in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share.

7. What’s your favourite trend at the min?

I love the strong 50’s trend that’s going on at the minute, tailored trousers with a t-shirt tucked in, camp collar shirts and light denim are all right up my street and pieces that won’t date as fast as other trends.

8. What do you think of the men’s fashion scene in NI?

What scene?! haha I’m joking, but Northern Ireland is always a few steps behind when it comes to men’s fashion but we are slowly catching up and hopefully If enough men read TGAVY.com they can all learn a thing or two!

9. How do you find the time to blog between uni and working?

I suppose like any hobby you find time for things you love, through blogging I have made loads of friends including Yasmin from http://www.Snazzyyazi.com we go out and take each other’s pictures almost every week and it makes it all the more fun doing it with someone who understands (and knows it takes 100 photos for 1 Instagram shot).

10. What are some of your favourite shops at the minute?

An all-time favourite of mine is TOPMAN, I think it’s here my love for clothing started and they never fail to have on-trend items. I also love Zara Man, River Island and McElhinney’s, a local department store I have recently become an ambassador for.

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