Five minutes with… Sass & Halo

Hi everyone and happy Thursday!

It’s almost the weekend, which means it’s almost wine time and I get two days in a row without an alarm -wooohoo!

Tonight’s post is an interview with another amazing girl boss based in Derry. Who knew we have so much talent in a wee city like Derry? Well there’s heaps more and it’s my mission to dig it out and feature it on here as much as I can.

Tonight I’ve been chatting to Aoife Doherty, the face behind the incredible and innovative Sass & Halo. She designs and creates bespoke headwear for all occasions including weddings, festivals or just to go and do your grocery’s because as the brand says, ‘Every head deserves a crown.’

1 What made you start up Sass & Halo?

Being a fashion management graduate from LCF I have always had a passion for creativity with a business mindset. I tried working under the big dogs in London and it didn’t work for me, I longed to love my job but I just didn’t so I knew I had to go down a different route. A few years ago I was helping arrange my now sister-in-law’s hen party, me and my mammy (hero) decided to make flower crowns for everyone as a keepsake and they went down an absolute storm. Lots of people got in contact after this and asked if I could make something similar, I started to realise this was a niche in the market and this was something that I LOVED to do. And so, it began… Sass & Halo was born.

2 What was it like starting up your own business?

It was pretty terrifying and exciting all at once. Just 2 months before I started my business I lost my daddy very suddenly, so I developed a different attitude towards life. i decided to just go for it and try my best to make it work. but putting yourself out there is scary and you never really know what people will think. Friends and family will always support you but it’s a totally different thing trying to get a complete strangers approval.

3 Do you wear a lot of your own designs?

Well, I wear them every day in work haha and of course anytime i am popping up or at festivals etc. I also constantly think about what I will on my head when/if i ever get married which also gets me super excited. But yes, I wear my designs any chance I get.


4 What influences you when your designing?

I get a lot of my inspirations from nature and my surroundings. But most of the time I will look at my materials and just imagine something in my head and try to re create it. Obviously, pinterest is amazing for researching anything bridal, but I would never copy anything. I would always try to re create a certain vibe and then put my own spin on it.

5 What are you favourite flowers/colours to work with?

Oooo thats very difficult!! I love love love working with super bright and bold colours. When working with these there are literally no rules, everything goes and the finished product is always super eye catching. But equally I love more minimal, earthy looks, with lots of foliage and greenery such as eucalyptus, asparagus ferns and snowberry. Fresh flowers are so beautiful to work with too.

6 Whats in store for Sass & Halo in 2018?

We are currently mapping out our festival calendar and planning where we will take the Sass Wagon once festival season starts. Super duper excited about this!!! We are also in touch with a collection of bridal boutiques were we hope to stock, we are already stocked in a few. We have a few exciting collaborations in the pipeline too but these are hush hush for now haha. Mainly i just want to grow Sass & Halo as a brand and broaden our customer base throughout Ireland and the UK.

7 If you could have any celebrity, dead or alive, wear something Sass & Halo who would it be?

Mmmmmm I want to say a Victorias Secret model…

8 What do you think of Derry’s fashion scene?

I honestly think its amazing! There are so many fashionistas here everywhere you look. I love how people aren’t afraid to express themselves with what they wear. Constantly inpired by Derry Girls.

9 Describe your own personal style?

I have always been in love with everything fashion. I love looking at the seasonal trends but wouldn’t say I am a massive follower of them, but of course I do follow them at times. I love vintage and anything thats a little different from the norm. The different eras of fashion fascinate me, usually I will pick a decade in the morning and style my outfit from there haha.

10 What are some of your favourite shops?

I suppose it depends what I am looking for, probably a bit boring but I love asos, it has such a huge range of brands and would be my go to shopping location for a browse. Zara would be up there too, but I love to find independent retailers and brands more than anything. Its nice to support smaller businesses, you appreciate it so much more when you have one yourself. I love shopping in vintage and charity shops also 🙂


To check Sass & Halo out on Instagram click here or check out their new blog here. You can find their website here.

The Sass & Halo store is situated in the Craft Village in Derry City Centre.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with more content. Hope you all have a great Friday.

Love, The Big F Word.


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