The problem with plus size shopping

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and having a great start to the week! Can you believe it’s April already? I’m just back from a fab few days in Portugal for my friend’s hen party, and I’m feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

This week’s blog post is a little different and something I think is really important.

One of my best friends, Eilish, is a fab plus size gal, and has never let it hold her back in anyway. She’s confident in her own skin and beautiful on the inside, as well as out.

One thing we would often chat about is shopping and she would ask me for help when trying to find an outfit for a night out or a special occasion. She would have complained that there are very few high street shops that cater for plus size girls but I never believed her until I decided to have a look for myself. There are basically none!! In comparison to the amount of shops that cater for the 8-14 size gal, there are none!! It’s absolute discrimination and something that really annoyed me!

We chatted about doing a blog post about it, to hear what other people thought about shopping for your size. Do you find it difficult to shop for your size? Whether your tall, petite, size 4 or 24? And if you work in a high street store, is this something you hear from customers? I’d love to hear more! Leave me a comment below and let’s get the discussion rolling. Read Eilish’s story below.

“I’ve always been a bigger girl. It’s never held me back in any way.

“I am loving the body positivity movement that’s been growing bigger (pardon the pun) the past few years. I do believe a person should be physically healthy if they can, but if you’re constantly told that you aren’t perfect as you are- you become your own worst critic and your mental health begins to deteriorate- which can become just as harmful as being overweight. If you’re unfamiliar with the body positivity movement just have a look on Instagram- thousands of girls are beginning to see that their bodies are beautiful as they are.

“Your body is what you make of it, yours to do with what you wish. I became much happier when I decided to ignore what people thought of me. I still get negative comments (Yes, I hear the things people say…) but that’s not my problem. I think some people feel uncomfortable when they see how I can still be confident but I’m not a size 8.

“I’ve always found it difficult to find clothes which are fashionable and wearable in the “plus size” ranges in shops. As for going shopping in Derry or Coleraine (my closest “retail” towns) – forget about it.  Even Belfast- there’s a total of three or four shops which might do my size in store.

“Online there are more options, but forget nipping to the shops on your lunch break to find a top for the weekend. Everything has to be planned, prepared, ordered online, tried on, and often sent back. I find it so hard to find clothes I love that when I do- I order it two or three times. Oh how I dream of the day Primark will wake up and see that my money is as green as anyone else’s!

“More high street stores are realising that the average UK woman is a size 16 and are getting on board with the movement (such as River Island and H&M) but just last week I popped into both stores in Belfast to check them out and was told that they were online only.

“A different time I went into New Look in Derry, asked where they had moved the plus size section- only to be told by a member of staff it had moved online “but sure, that new plus size shop has opened up just down there”. Great- so I’m allowed one shop- lucky me!”

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear more.

The Big F Word.. X


  1. Love this blog!!!! My issue is you can find the odd plus size item when out and about shopping, more here in oz than home mind you! Buttt its all over sized jumpers or big jeans/trousers with no shape, patterns etc… its all plain jane stuff, things to suit people in there later years! I would love to see some plus size trendy clothes in shops, nice dresses, jeans, fitted tops etc! In the few shops i have been in that do have more style for us girls they cost twice the price! Like Elish says roll on Primark and the other regular stores seeing this gap in thr market so we can pop to the shops in the morning and get an outfif to wear that night 👌👌

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  2. You go girl – when I grow up I wana be just like you and have your confidence and balls of steel 💪😍 brilliant blog post – your voices need to be heard 💃 love your biggest Mayo supporter Xx

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  3. Realy enjoyed this relish you look amazing as always my problem is I can never get trousers short enough lol I need 26inch leg and it’s not easy I can sometimes get them on line but I would like to be able to purchase them in the stores x

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  4. I LOVE this! The dreaded big night out or wedding that requires weeks of scrolling through online, ordering and returning because you can’t just grab anything and “it’ll do”. Such a headache and sometimes a heartache xo

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  5. Loved this blog today! Eilish is amazing! I wish I could be as confident in my body! Totally agree the shops are a disaster! And I also hate how in some shops you can be a 10/12 and in others you need a 14 or even the opposite an 8!! Makes no sense! Anyways love the blog as always! Xxx

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    1. Hey I loved this blog in and asize 18/20 an am finding it very hard to find clothes for the gym I chatted to one of the gaa’s clothing department and was told that they don’t have anything in my size I was totally gobsacked why is my money not the same colour as a size 10/16

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