My top 3 favourite Spring trends

Hi everyone, I’ve been very bad at this blogging business lately. What with one thing and another which I won’t bore you with, but I’m trying my best to get back on the wagon from here on out.

How has everyone been? Are you all as excited as I am to see some spring in our wardrobes? I loveee this time of year; seeing new colours, creating new outfits and ditching the layers for some floaty chiffon and florals.

I’m just going to do a quick round up of some of Spring’s top trends that you’ll wanna get your hands on sooner rather than later.

Polka Dots

News flash, the polka dot is quickly taking over checks and the Prince of Wales print that was everywhere last season.

Whether you want to stick to the traditional black and white, or venture out into the world of colour, it’s the easiest and cutest way to tick off a trend from your to do list.

This wee polka dot top is super cute and I thought it was perfect to wear to the Retro Flame, A Stitch in Time event in Donegal earlier this month.

I am a massive fan of Erika Fox, and she fills me with such inspiration every week so when I got the chance to meet and interview her, I was over the moon.

She was so nice and genuine, as was her sister Kaelin and you could tell they both were really excited to be in Donegal. Would you like a full separate blog post all about the event? If your a big fan of hers too I have loads of footage and all her tips and tricks to her huge success.

I now have three black and white polka dot dresses, all in different shapes and sizes. Do I need them? No way. Do I love them? Yes!! This wee one is from H&M and it was only £19.99. It comes in white too, which I’m also tempted to buy. I think it would look great with a white jumper over the top and some low-heeled boots for a casual look.


How appropriate is it that green is a massive trend at the same time as St Patrick’s Day? It made pulling an outfit together super easy.

Green is my favourite colour, emerald green to be exact but I love this jade shade as well.

This wee top is from Zara and I got it in their sale for £5.99 a few weeks ago. Bargain queen as always!

The best thing about it is that it comes in soooo many different hues, so no matter what your style or skin tone is, there will be a hue for you!


I have mentioned my love for all things yellow on The Big F Word before, and that burning flame has not died out just yet.

If you think yellow is bit too bright for you, add it into your wardrobe through accessories like I have here. A yellow handbag or heels will add that zingy pop to any outfit, giving you just the right about of sunshine needed to brighten up your day.

These are my fav trends at the minute but I’m sure I’ll have a few more to add to the list as the weeks go on. I’ll keep y’all updated when I can!

As always thanks for reading and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Much love,

The Big F Word, X


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