February Favourites

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well and are having a great start to your week.

I just another quick post tonight to fill y’all in with what I loved last month.


I chatted briefly about this wee gem on my Instastories a few weeks ago and I haven’t changed my opinion. It’s a beautiful primer and highlighter in one, with a subtle and soft glow.

I really hate over highlighted make up looks as I feel like they make me look greasy and messy, but this is just perfect. It’s gorge on its own for a make-up free day, or lovely underneath or mixed in with your foundation.

It’s from Seventeen and is less than £5 from Boots I think, so I would definitely recommend it.

Hair care

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know my struggle with my hair. It was in awful condition for a while and I was actually at my wits end with it. It was nipping and breaking and basically falling out of my head. If you didn’t laugh you’d cry, trust me!

Last month I featured an amazing conditioner I’ve been using but I never mentioned these two products as well.

A serum and a heat protecting spray which have both really help with the condition, and two things which I will definitely be repurchasing again and again.


Green is everywhere at the min and I love it, it’s my favourite colour! I cannot wait to wear it again on St Patrick’s Day next weekend.

I got this jumpsuit in New About Towne in Limavady last weekend and I love it. It was super comfortable to wear and I know it’ll be really versatile and I’ll get loads more wear out of it.

I’ve been living in this Mango jumper since I bought it last month. It’s super comfortable and has tassels, what’s not to love?


This is a random wee add but I cannot get enough of these wee £1 candles from Primark. They smell better than some Yankee candles that I have and they last ages.


Another random wee addition to my monthly favourites but I have been loving home made granola recently. I’ve been making it every week over the last while and having it for breakfast with Greek yogurt. It’s so tasty and relatively healthy, and so easy to make. Send me a wee message if you want the recipe.

On another note, I’ve gone off meat for Lent this year and I’ve been sticking to it for the first time ever. I have tried to be a vegetarian so many times in the past but I’ve really struggled. I’m getting on fine this time but I know I’m going to get sick of vegetables and potatoes very soon. If you have any vege recipes, please send them on!

And that’s my February favourites! If you’ve any questions about anything I’ve featured in this post, please leave me a comment or send me a message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

As always, thanks for reading!

Much love,

The Big F Word. X

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