Five Minutes With… Girly Inspo Corner

Hi guys and happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all having a lovely week, February is nearly over already, how did that happen?

This week I’ve been chatting to Arlene Gill from the fashion blog, Girly Inspo Corner.

Arlene has an impeccable eye for style and her outfits just get better and better every time! She knows how to clash colours and prints like a pro.

As well as posting some serious style-goal photos, she’s also one of the loveliest ladies ever! Have a read at what she had to say about her own personal style and some fashion advice.

1. Describe your blog and what made you start it up.

I would describe my blog as a positive, happy fashion lover.

2. Describe your personal style in three words.

Versatile, colourful & clashing.

3. Who would your style icon be and where do you look for outfit inspiration?

Megan ellaby! You can find inspiration in a sandwich if you look hard enough. For me, it’s all about those colour combos.

4. What’s some of your favourite shops?

H&M, topshop and Nasty Gal.

5. Are you a fan of accessories or do you like to let the clothes do the talking?

Yes, the accessories are what makes your outfit unique.

6. Shoes or bags?

Bags! I love a good bag.

7. Who are some of your favourite fashion bloggers?

Megan Ellaby, her use of colour and her quirky style it’s just perfection.

Emmazoeyroche, again it’s her use of colour and clashing prints not to mention she has a figure and wardrobe to die for.

My favourite bloggers I would have to say firstly Just Jordan, probably the only famous blogger that I love she is so real and funny I just love her. But I actually love the smaller bloggers more I find them more authentic and genuine shout out to all my favs thebigfword, nichealmaria, snazziyazi, stylematic, sequincinderella, tgavy, stylebysisterie, thedietstartsmonday and not forgetting my girl Elegance by Emer, who I met through blogging about 2 years ago and has become a great friend.

8. What’s your favourite/least favourite trends at the minute?

For spring/summer trousers are all high waisted paper bag waist, and wide leg which I love, but being 5ft this will also drive me mad. They will all be way to long which means they will all need altered.

9. What’s your worst fashion faux-pas from over the years?

Following trends when they didn’t suit me.

10. What would your style tips be to anyone in a fashion rut?

I think when you’re in a rut it’s not the clothes, you’re really just bored. My advice would be stay away from black, add some colour, mix it up, add some quirky accessories like nice bag in a bold print.

Check out Arlene on Instagram and Facebook.


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