Five minutes with…The Sequin Cinderella

Hey guys and welcome back to The Big F Word’s ‘Five minutes with…’ feature.

This week I am chatting with the lovely and super successful girlboss, Nicola McLaughlin a.k.a The Sequin Cinerella.

She turned her fabulous blog into a business in recent years and now runs her own fashion boutique, appropriately named; The Sequin Cinderella.

Have a read at what Nicola has to say about fashion, starting a business and the blogging world.

1. Describe your blog and what made you start it up. 

The best way I can describe my blog is an expression of me. I started it because I wanted more than anything to work in fashion but was too much of a home bird to move away so it was a way of sharing my love of style with the world without leaving home.

2. Describe your personal style in three words.

Ecclectic, Creative, Unique

3. Who would your style icon be and where do you look for outfit inspiration? 

Years ago I would have looked to celebrities for style inspiration. Now I find myself browsing instagram and looking at a wide variety of “normal” girls style and how they put outfits together rather than looking at celebs that have been preened by designers and stylists. Its such more authentic and I find quirky little inspirations from that.

4. When did you decide to open your own boutique? 

If you had have asked me as a child what I wanted to do when I was older, my answer was always to own a clothes shop. Its kind of in my DNA. My mother had 3 boutiques before I was born and she always talked about them and it was my dream to follow in her footsteps. The actual deciding point came after studying fashion design and bringing out my own collection. I felt it was the next step to working in the industry and building a career in fashion.

5. How hard was it and how long did it take to get it up and running?

Im not going to say it was easy but I loved every second of the process. Every day is a learning curve and you soon realise that it isn’t all about nice clothes. When you get into the reality of the business side of things its a big scary but I have never felt happier than I do when Im in the boutique.

The research stage took a long long time, from decor to sourcing brands but once it got up and running it took about 6 months to get it ready to rock.

6. What advice would you give for any young entrepreneur out there thinking of being their own boss? 

DO IT! If you want something badly enough and are prepared to work hard and learn learn learn then you can achieve anything you want.

There are days when you will want to cry, runaway or burn the place to the ground but you take the good with the bad. There really is no feeling like seeing your hard work pay off and sitting back from time to time and taking it all in, knowing that you built the business from the ground up. It makes it so worthwhile so don’t be afraid to go for it.

7. Are you a fan of accessories or do you like to let the clothes do the talking? 

My style changes according to my mood so some days I will be draped in every accessory under the sun and others I will go for a more simplistic look. I would never pigeonhole myself into a fashion genre and I love to change it up from day to day! Accessories can definitely make or break an outfit though!

8. What’s your favourite/least favourite trends at the minute? 

My least favourite trend is Kitten Heels! I didn’t like them 10years ago and I don’t like them now! Whoever decided it was a good idea to bring them back should take a long hard look at themselves!

I have to say my favourite trend is over the knee boots! I’m totally obsessed! I got some Fab ones in Penney’s this winter and literally wear them every other day!

9. What’s your worst fashion faux-pas from over the years?

How long have you got?? Every cringeworthy fashion trend that you can think of over the past 30yrs was probably in my wardrobe at some point…

Jelly sandals, button up tracksuit bottoms (apparently they are making a comeback lol), baggy combats with strings hanging off them… oh God i’ll stop there haha!

10. What would your style tips be to anyone in a fashion rut?

I get like this all of the time… I lose inspiration and haven’t a clue where to start.

Go through your wardrobe and pick out key items that you love and then plan your outfits around them or go on pinterest or instagram for ideas on how to revamp them.

My main tip is to have no fear and never ever be guided by trends! Just because something is “in fashion” does not mean it will suit your body! Dress for you and your style and you will never go too far wrong.

Check out Nicola’s blog and online store at

Or search for her on Facebook and Instagram.

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