Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!

I know it’s not the most original of fashion trends, but who doesn’t love whipping out the florals in the lead up to Spring? I LOVE floral print all year round, but it’s great to see those beautiful colours coming back into the shops at this time of year.

You’ll notice them blooming (see what I did there? I’m so funny.. 😂) into stores in the coming weeks and I had a look online at my favourite pieces so far.

They are all affordable, as is everything on my blog because if I can’t afford it, then I won’t feature it.

I’m on a MASSIVE spending ban right now after the January sales and my lack of self-control leading me to buy more than I can really afford, but I can still window shop. I’m sure I’ll find a bargain or two in the next few weeks with a beaut flower inspired theme going on.

Check out my favourite pieces below.

Zara wrap top

Pretty Little Thing

Sequin Cinderella

Bershka trainers


River Island

New Look


lorals are the easiest look ever to put together as they speak for themselves and don’t need many accessories to complete the look. Add a bright lipstick to really put a Spring in your step (there I am again with the puns- HAHA!)

Hope y’all are as excited for spring as I am!

Happy Hump Day peeps, Mwah! 💋

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