Top 5 make up picks for under £10

Who doesn’t love a bargain? With the ever expanding world of beauty and make up, massive cosmetic chains are bringing their prices down and offering top quality products for next to nothing.

Long gone are the days when inexpensive meant some nasty, acidic paint stripper that you wouldn’t put near your beautiful face.

If you wanna pick up some fabulous bargains that I have repurchased again and again, then just keep scrolling.

1. & 2. Collection Lasting Perfection foundation and concealer

If your old enough to know it as Collection 2000, then I hear ya! 🙌

I’ve used this concealer for years, and I know for a fact I’m not the only one. It’s full coverage and creamy consistency has made it a cult favourite for make-up lovers across the country. It’s great for hiding those bags and brightening the under eye area.

I was recommended the foundation around a year ago by a friend, and after slight hesitation I decided to pick it up and try it, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s been compared to Mac Studio Fix and I would vouch for that.

It is perfect for every day wear with it’s long last ability; it will still look great at 5:30pm when you clock out of work. If you’re in the market for a cheap, full coverage foundation for week day use, I would definitely recommend.

3. MUA Luxe Power Sculpting Brow Gel

This was one of this products that I picked up to avail from a three for two offer in Superdrug, and aren’t I glad I did; it’s fantastic!

I have used LOADS of different brow products, with my ultimate fave being a brown Mac gel liner, but this is equally as good and is a quarter of the price.

At a mere £4, it’s unreal!! It comes with its own tiny little brush, which is perfect for creating those fine hair like strokes, and will not budge through out the day. Pick it up, you’ll not regret it.

4. Revelation Eyeshadow Palette

I am first to admit I’m not a massive eyeshadow person, but this little bargain is perfect for me.

I don’t have the patience, nor the eye lid space to sit and create glittery cut creases, nor do I really like them. I much prefer a matte smokey brown eye look, with lashes and liner. This palette is super pigmented, has all the shades I love and I reach for it almost every day.

5. Primark Pure Glow highlighter

Another beauty cult favourite, and after hearing loads about it I had to pick it up last week. I love it!

Subtle enough on its own for every day wear, or add a spray of water or primer on your brush to really make it pop.

I love the warm glow from it, as I don’t really suit cool toned highlighters. For £3, you really cannot say no!

Do you have any beauty bargains you can recommend? Leave me a comment and fill me in.

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Much love! Xo

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