Newcastle: 3 Days 3 Outfits

Hey everyone and once again welcome back. I love to see the regular readers coming back to The Big F Word and as always new readers. If you haven’t already, check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more lovely fashionably beautiful content. 😜😘

I was in Newcastle last weekend for three days with my lovely best friends. Two of them live in Newcastle, and the other two live in London while I’m at home, and we rarely see each other all at the one time so we all met up in Newcastle for a few days and it was fabulous!

We did some sights, drank a lot of alcohol and just had the best craic together. They also surprised me with an engagement brunch with banners and balloons and of course, bubbles, so it was a pretty special weekend.

I did a bit of shopping before I left and my hand luggage case was busting at the seams so I thought I’d show you my lovely new clothes I wore while I was away.

1. Travelling

How amazing is this massive faux fur coat from H&M? I am in love with it. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m so into it. I only got it a few weeks ago but it seems to have sold out already, but H&M have an amazing selection of winter coats this year so check them out here.

The Gucci inspired belt, orange scarf, black boots and baker boy hat are all recent purchases from Primark and I’m pretty sure you’ll find them in every store. The little box bag is old Zara stock, soz.

2. Saturday Night Fever

We went for to a beautiful Asian restaurant called Hana Hana on Saturday night and the food was delicious. We had a mix of everything including Sushi, steak, satay chicken and swordfish. It was gorgeous; if you’re in Newcastle and like Asian food, I’d defs recommend it. They cook the food in front of you which is always nice, and our chef, Litto, was the best craic!

My dress was from New Look and you can find it here on their site. It has 25% off at the min which is always a bonus! It was really comfortable to wear and I know I’ll get more wear out of it over Christmas. I think it would be nice with a long sleeved, fine knit polar neck underneath it and with ankle boots.

The layered necklaces were also from New Look and the shoes were old stock from Primark. These shoes are so great cause they go with everything but OMG they are the sorest shoes ever to wear. Pain is beauty right? 😭

3. Sight Seeing

On the Monday we walked around Newcastle and just had a little bit of a tourist day. I wore these Miss Selfridge skinny jeans, my primark boots and belt again and my new top from Next.

I wore this top a few weeks ago out on a Saturday night out and I got loads of comments about it. It’s from Next and it’s in the sale at the minute. I love the marble print and I love how versatile it is. You could wear it with a leather skirt like I have above for a night out, or pop on a fine jumper underneath and make it a more day time look. When I buy something now I always ask myself, can I get more wears out of this that just one??

I also wore my new emerald green Beret from Madness vintage shop in Derry, it was perfect for the cold day we had. I love hats this season and they have loads in stock at the min. You can check out their Facebook page here.

And that’s my simple Thursday post done and dusted. Three days and three outfits.

I hope you got a bit of shopping or styling inspiration from the post and as always, thanks so much for reading. See y’all next week.

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