Phi Brows: My Eyebrow Journey

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Big F Word. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed all the Halloween celebrations.

I’m just back from a weekend in Newcastle with my friends and I am enjoying a much needed, relaxing day off work before I go back tomorrow. I’ll have another blog post up this week about my little trip to Newcastle so come back on Thursday to see that.

I’ve been dying to write this post for a while now but I wanted to make sure my brows were 100% healed in order to give my full review. I started getting Phi Brows about a month and a half ago roughly, and since then I’ve had my first initial appointment and a second top up appointment and I can honestly say I love them!!

These were my eyebrows before, and that’s WITH product on them!! I really didn’t like them. They were so thin and the hairs never ever grew. I might have had an eyebrow wax once a year and that was it; for whatever reason they just don’t grow! 😭

I had always heard about microblading and getting your eyebrows tattooed, but obviously it’s a big step and I was always wanting to know more about it.

When I went to Define Aesthetics for my consultation I was instantly put at ease and Cornelia, the technician, was so professional and I knew that she knew what she was talking about. She had trained with the man that created the brand, Phi Brows, in Turkey, so I knew she had learned from the best. When someone is putting a blade to your face and drawing on semi-permanent ink, you need to be 100% sure of what you’re doing and I knew I could trust Cornelia.

I remember when I had just finished my first appointment, I was in love and I couldn’t believe that I actually had a shape to my brow and I didn’t have to put on product! I was so shocked when I first looked in the mirror.

But Cornelia assured me that whatever I thought of them now, I was only going to love them more after the second top up appointment.

This photo was taken the night after my first appointment, so they are still slightly red here but I was mad about them regardless. The first appointment is to kind of give the overall shape to them, but once they heal over the next few weeks gaps can appear, so it’s really important to get the top up appointment for shading and to make sure those gaps are filled in.

You do have to remember there is a blade involved and they do heal like a tattoo, so you have to take really good care of them over the first ten days. Mines healed really well and I didn’t experience too much scabbing or redness/itching. The day after the appointment they were a wee bit itchy, like I just could feel them on my face, but nothing that I couldn’t stick and by the second day that sensation had gone completely.

You cannot touch them, scratch or pick them in these first initial days, because you’ll just ruin all the work that the technician has spent hours doing. The aftercare is so important.

I went back for my top up appointment about two weeks or so later, and by that stage they were perfectly healed and I had gotten used to them. We both agreed that we should go a wee bit darker and fill them out a bit more.

The appointment does take a few hours, and there are a few steps involved in the process. Like I said, there is a blade involved and the semi-permanent ink is pushed in to the tiny hair-like stroke that is created.

The Phi Brows don’t last forever, they are not a permanent tattoo and they will fade over the coming years but I know for a fact I will get them done again when the time comes around.

One question I’ve been asked loads, is how sore it is. Now I would be lying if I said you don’t feel a thing, but it really is not painful at all.

The first few strokes can be stingy almost, but a numbing cream is applied and as soon as that works it’s magic, you do not feel a thing. Coming to the end of the appointment, the feeling does come back again but by that stage the dye and the toner are being applied and again, this isn’t sore.

If you’re worried about the pain, I’ll put it like this; I cry when I get my eyebrows/legs/lip etc waxed, and I got on fine with these brows so that tells you something. 😂

They currently cost £250 with Define Aesthetics but you can pay in instalments. When booking the appointment you can pay £50 deposit, £100 at your first appointment and the remaining £100 at your top up appointment, which is great. If you’re thinking about getting these as a Christmas present, the salon also do gift vouchers so send your loved ones their way.

These were my final Brows after the appointment and I swear, I couldn’t love them more. They have now healed since and like the first time, I didn’t have much scabbing or anything, thankfully. How natural do they look??

It’s insane how much eyebrows change your face. I would never have left the house in the morning without drawing on my brows and now I don’t have to. I rarely wear a lot of make up anymore at all, because I just think I don’t need to. They also have saved me sooo much time every morning, those extra ten mins in bed have been great!! 😂🙌

Over all, I would definitely recommend them if, like me, you hated your brows and the effort that went into doing them all the time. The ladies at the salon really know what they’re talking about so even if your unsure, why not pop in for a consultation to find out even more information. You can find their Facebook page here and I’ll pop in the map to their salon below.

As always, thanks so much for reading and leave me a comment if you have any other questions about the Phi Brows.

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Have a lovely week guys!

Mwah Xo

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