MADNESS : Derry’s newest vintage shop

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to the Big F Word. I have another new blog post for you all this week. I am really loving producing more and more content for the blog and I’d love to know what you would like to see? Leave me a comment below telling me what your favourite kind of posts are.

I went to The Emporium’s official launch night last week and what a night it was. If you haven’t heard about The Emporium yet, you can check them out on Facebook here.

They have loads of really cool and cute pop up shops, which are all independent, local retailers. I love supporting local people and I think everyone should; if you can shop from an independent store rather than giving your money to a high street chain then why not?

There are loads of pop up shops in The Emporium but my favourite by far was Madness. It’s a retro, vintage clothing shop with so much on offer. If you love all things vintage, and knowing that no one else will have the same clothes as you, then you need to check out this place.

The two lovely ladies that own it are Holly and Bronagh and even if you leave empty handed, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face because these two are such amazing girls! Their own style is really individual and quirky and it really shines through in their stock.

From vintage Levi jeans, to retro two piece’s, you are guaranteed to pick up something different every time.

I bought an amazing lilac floral blouse and matching midi skirt. I know I’ll get so much wear out of the blouse and the skirt, separately as well as together. I also bought a beautiful emerald green beret hat.

Emerald green is my favourite colour and I’m slightly obsessed with hats right now so it was a no brainer when I seen it sitting, waiting on me. Keep an eye on my instagram in the coming weeks to see how I style them.

If you are in Derry you should pop in and have a nosey at what they have on offer. In The Emporium there is also a lovely coffee shop, and loads more fashion and accessories on offer.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll catch up with you all again next week.

Much love, X.


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