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Hi every one! I hope you are all having a great start to your week. I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already, it has flown in so far. I’ve had a great start to the week as I got a lovely new set of eyebrows! 😂 I got them microbladed on Sunday evening and I love them so far. I’ll have a full review here on The Big F Word in a few weeks time after I have my top up appointment but in the mean time you can check out my Facebook and Instagram page for a before and after photos – the difference is insane!!

Moving swiftly on, this week I am talking all things footwear. Shopping for shoes is one of my favourite things to do, and I doubt I’m alone on that one. I just love shoes!! No matter if you fallen off the diet band waggon and are feeling bloated, or if you can’t find anything in that wardrobe of yours to wear, shoes are always faithful and will always fit you.

Whatever the season I love shoes, but there is nothing nicer than getting that new pair of boots for Autumn and Winter. I live in mines for months on end!!

You’ll see them in abundance in the shops at the minute, lined up in every colour, height, shape and size, but I’ve came up with the top five boot trends you’ll want to look out for this month.


The combat boot is the ‘coolest’ shoe you could have in your wardrobe. They are also super comfortable and very versatile; it will pretty much go with everything. Whether it’s skinny jeans and a chunky knit jumper or a tea dress and tights, this style of boot will really give your outfit an edge.

You could opt for a plain black traditional style, or why not add in some laces and studs to really pack a punch.

These Topshop ones are fabulous! And they look so comfortable and practical. Why can’t I get paid a fortune so I can just buy everything I want?? You can see these beauties in more detail here.


A lot of the trends coming through at the minute are very western and cow-boy inspired. We’ll be seeing some fringing coming into shops and tan suede over the next few weeks. And this trend doesn’t stop with clothes, as the cowboy boot is making an appearance.

Updated with a 2017 urban twist, you will still find cowboy inspired styles on sale at the minute. With the low heel-height these would be a perfect option to have that will take you from day to night with as little pain as possible.

This style was really big last year, with western inspired buckles and it’s not going anywhere this year. You can see this ASOS pair here.


Maybe not the most comfortable or practical, but equally as beautiful is the sky high-heeled boots. The higher the heel, the taller you become, and if you stick to a block dark colour that comes up about your ankle slightly, your legs will look like they go on for miles. Team them with super skinny jeans or leather look trousers and bobs your uncle, people will be mistaking you for Gisela Bundchen.

You don’t have to stay safe with these ones, as they aren’t something you will reach for every day. Why not try something other than black? Dark grey, navy or a patent style would be just as gorgeous.

These snake print high-heeled boots will add an interesting touch to an all black ensemble. So versatile and timeless, you’ll be able to wear them next year again. Shop them here.


If you were to only buy one thing this Autumn and Winter and wanted it to completely update your wardrobe, it would have to be a red ankle boot.

Bringing any old outfit bang up to date, you’ll never want to take them off. Just as versatile as any other style, they will go with t-shirts and jeans, chunky knitwear as well as dresses and skirts.

I wouldn’t break the bank for them though, as you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be another colour on offer next year.

Ok this style might not be the most practical buy but they’ll update and LBD over the festive season and they look sexy AF! Find them here in loads of other colours.


The closer we come to December, the more and more velvet appears in stores. By adding some texture to your outfit, in the form of a low-heeled ankle boot, your instantly updating your look and making it more interesting.

This season’s hottest colours in velvet are soft pastels; think baby pink and blue.

Let’s face it, a velvet boot isn’t going to last too long with Ireland’s weather; it’ll be damaged with rain, snow or sleet soon enough. So this little £14 pair from Primark won’t break the bank but still keep your fashion fix going for a few months. See them here.

And that’s it, 5 winter boot styles which you can pick from to get you through the coming months. I want them all!! Let me know in the comments below what one is your favourite, and if you’ve spotted any new styles out there.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week.

Mwah! Xo

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