As much as catwalks are a large predictor of the latest trends, and what we can expect to see in shops in the next few months, internet searches are also giving us a great idea.

Fashion website, Polyvore, recently pulled their top fall items that are spiking in searches on their site, and Baker Boy hats soared by a massive 457% compared to this time last year.

I am a lover of hats in general, but two particular hats that are predicted to be massive trends in the coming months are the Baker Boy and the french inspired Beret style. But which one are you? Well chances are they are both affordable and you could rock both trends over winter months, but we’ll tell you a bit about each one just in case you can’t make up your mind.


Some people call it a newsboy hat, some call it a cabbie – whatever the word, it is the hat to have this Autumn and Winter. Celebrities and supermodels a like have taken to the trend like a fish to water; it really does finish off a great outfit.

It’s descended from the early 20th century ‘working class’ and news boy, and turned into the ultimate must-have accessory. Bridget Bardot and Jane Birkin made it fashionable many years ago. Fast forward and you’ll see Kendall Jenner and Rihanna wearing it on red carpets everywhere.

With it’s snug fit, and soft material, it will actually be a functional hat in the colder months, as opposed to just a fashion statement.

Dress it down with a scarf and coat, or with leather trousers and a blazer; it can be worn every day and every way.




By dawning a red, luxe Beret style hat you can transport yourself from the rainy streets of Ireland to a Parisian shopping mall within a matter of moments. Not really, but a girl can dream!

While we think about it being an iconic French style, it actually isn’t worn by French people and really is just a cliche. A bit like how all Irish people like to drink alcohol…

The beret style featured on Haute Couture catwalks earlier this year, and they have been given an urban update with a tougher look. Leather, embellishments and grunge inspired colours, this new and improved style ain’t no mister nice guy.



I love them both, and they are both on my shopping list for this month’s pay day treats. Which do you prefer?

Thanks for reading as always, much love. x


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