Las Vegas: holiday wardrobe

Hi guys!

Hope you are all well and loving the new season as much as I am. I cannot wait to be in full swing with chunky knit jumpers and boots, with the odd scarf or two. Has anyone else started shopping for their winter coat already? I’m on the hunt for a Scarlett red one and I won’t stop until I find it!

Before we move into the colder nights, I thought I would say goodbye to summer with a quick style post about my holiday wardrobe.

I got back from a week in Las Vegas last Monday, and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I would encourage anyone to go and see Las Vegas at least once in their lives. I’m already dreaming of a trip back.

I was going to do a travel post on the actual holiday with tips and advice on money, things to do, places to eat etc. but first I’m gonna quickly run through some outfits.

It was SO hot when we were there, like hitting 47 degrees at times!! So as you can imagine, my wardrobe consisted of very little. Heavy materials and too much fuss was a no go as it would have been so uncomfortable in the heat.

I got this simple red floral print slip dress in H&M before I left. (Red featured a lot in my holiday clothes, I am loving it right now.)

As much as it’s a Summer dress, it’s still versatile and I’ll get more wear out of it at home; teamed over a white t-shirt and a denim jacket, or over a black fine knit polo and boots.

Another red ensemble! I am also loving polka dot at the min, it’s so cute!! So when I came across this dress on Miss Guided I couldn’t resist. It is super light weight and comfortable, and has a lovely frill detail on the hem and on the sleeves.

As it’s quite short I wouldn’t wear it at home, but I could wear it again in the spring over white skinny jeans.

This hat was my life saver in Vegas. It’s so nice I also bought it in black!

It has that perfect wide brim which kept the searing sun off me for a while, and it was reduced in Topshop’s sale to £5! I wore it every day!

These sandals were also from Topshop and like the other ten pairs of shoes I brought with me, left me with blisters everywhere.

Not to say they were uncomfortable, but Vegas requires A LOT of walking, and if I was going back I would be investing in good quality, comfortable footwear.

Another Missguided dress. I loved this gorge blue scarf print dress. It was sooo light weight I barely felt like I was wearing anything!! It was perfect for a helicopter ride over the strip. I’ll definitely be wearing it again at home on a girls night out.

These wrap up sandals from Next were also killers on the little piggies. I swear my feet were mutilated by the time I touched back down in Dublin. 😂

All is fair in love and fashion though, that’s the saying right??

My bag is from Australia, and went perfectly with most, if not all, of the outfits I wore all week.

Because there is so much to see and do, I think I was wearing three outfits a day. 😂

This top from She Wore It was perfect for a breakfast date with these simple shorts.

How difficult is it to find a perfect pair of denim shorts? I searched high and low for a few weeks before I left. Unless you wanted denim knickers, then they didn’t exist!

Until the day before we went, I stopped in at my local Peacocks store for the usual last min bits and bobs and came across the perfect pair. A shop that I would never think about, and here they were hanging for a next to nothing £10! They were exactly what I wanted, and were great for breakfast or heading down to the pool.

The white sliders are from Missguided and we’re just OK on the blister front; not the best but definitely not the worst.

The gorge tassel necklace is from Topshop and I love it. Tassels are taking over the world right now so I’ll definitely be reaching for it again.

More Topshop sandals now, and aren’t these just like a work of art? I know they’re not for everyone, and I got a few odd looks in them but I love nothing more than a statement shoe.

These were surprisingly comfortable, and I would have wore them all week long if they matched any thing else in my case.

I wore them with this Topshop denim skirt, which I love and I already know I’ll live in it all winter long.

This mustard Bardot style top is from H&M and it complimented the colours in the sandals perfectly.

More red!! This playsuit has featured on the blog before. DV8 kindly gifted it to me earlier in the year and I hadn’t wore it again so I thought I’d bring it along on holidays.

This was at the Grand Canyon and OMG it was incredible. Everyone needs to see this spectacular beauty.

It was super hot, and with no shade I was so glad I brought along my trusty old hat again!

I think this will be my favourite photo of all time! 😍💕

We got home from the Grand Canyon at 11pm and after a unbelievably quick shower and a spruce we headed out. I reached for the first thing I seen, which happened to be this Topshop skirt again.

I bought this top from River Island before we went, and I had bought lovely black shorts to go with it from there as well but unfortunately, due to my greed and lack of will power, by day 5 they no longer fitted me! 😂😂😂 So after a minor rage attack, pulling and hauling them back off me, they were threw back in the case and the skirt was produced.

These Miss Selfridge tassel earrings went perfectly and this super cute Zara bag my friend bought me as a gift.

By this stage I had completely given up on the sandals and these black flip flops from Accessorise where what I lived in for the last two days. 😂

I think this is my fav outfit from the whole week, I just loveee this dress. 😍 It’s from Topshop and it came with spaghetti straps that came up over your shoulder, but they kept falling down so I cut them off.

What about this Gucci inspired belt from Penny’s?? I’m in love and I haven’t left it down since I bought it. I’m first to admit I can’t afford the real £500 version, I wish I could but hey! This £5 steal will do me for now.

This was our last night and by this stage I was completely shattered. We spent it by going to an amazing steak house and a romantic walk up the strip.

This dress was the biggest bargain I’ve ever got in my life. It was €3 from Pennys, like what even??

It’s so nice in real life, so comfortable and the perfect holiday dress. And it just goes to show, you don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes.

I loved the colour and the one shoulder style, and for that price I couldn’t not get it. I styled it again with the Penny’s belt and Zara bag.

And there you have it, my holiday wardrobe. It was all about comfort (minus the shoes) and having fun with colour.

I’ll maybe write a travel post about Vegas next week, but in the mean time, leave a comment if you enjoyed this post and be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading, much love. X

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