Wedding Season 

I was at a wedding at the weekend, and I had such an amazing weekend. The weather was gorgeous and the bride was even more beautiful. 💕💍🎩 

I am invited to a total of 7 weddings this year, so far, so I am on the hunt for outfits that I can either mix and match or get more than one wear out of, which is so much harder said than done. 

I bought this dress earlier in the year and wore it to another wedding at Easter time but I really wasn’t 100% convinced on it. 

It’s a shift style, and I think unless you are really blessed in the bust area, in order to give you a shape, they just don’t look great. For me anyways, who is definitely not blessed in the bust area, I felt like it just made me look so straight up and down. So I took it to a dress maker and she put two darts in the back of it to give it a nicer silhouette. And I then loved it. It just goes to show what a dress maker can do. Something that you might already have in your wardrobe could be made into something brand new. 

It’s from Warehouse and back then it was £49 but is now on sale. It is so much brighter in real life, which is why I went very minimalistic with accessories. 

I think when you’re doing BRIGHT colours, you can let them do the talking and leave the accessories at home. 

It is also so comfortable and you can dance the night away without worrying about anything popping or peaking out. 

I got the bag and shoes in Primark, for an absolute steal. The bag was £7 and the shoes were £10. As far as £10 heels go, the shoes weren’t the worst, but they really weren’t the comfiest either. I was glad to kick them off at the end of the night. 

 The bag is a copy for a YSL number, and at that price I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It will be perfect for all summer long, embellishment is all in this summer. 

Photo: Instagram

The earings were loaned from a very king friend, and they were from H&M. I knew the bright blue would look so tropical againsnt the pink. These earings sold out from H&M in no time, as the tassel earring trend is massive this year. I really need to stock up on a few different colours to get me through the summer months. 

I kept my make up really bronzed and dewy as I really wanted to feel like I was on holiday. I kept my eye make up simple with golds and bronzes and loads of highlighter. 

Dress – Warehouse

Shoes – Primark

Bag – Primark

Earings – H&M

I know how hard it is to shop for outfits for wedding so I’ve picked out a few of my favourites below, that I think would be beautiful for a summer wedding. 

It’s also important to keep in mind price, I think a lot of people think because you’re invited to a wedding you have to spend a fortune on an outfit; you really don’t. By all means if you’ve got it, spend it but you don’t have to. As always on The Big F Word, I like to keep the fashion as budget friendly as possible so I’ve only included dresses that are easy on the purse. 

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Much love. X 

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