Life update, and life lessons…

Hi everyone!!

I hope you all had a brilliant Easter holiday, and indulged in as much badness as I did! Why is everything that tastes so good, so bad for you??

Easter was extra special for me, as during the holidays I was offered my first, full time position as a journalist for a very reputable bi-weekly newspaper in the North West of Ireland. I am SO over the moon with this, and cannot wait to get stuck into a career that I absolutely love. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been studying Professional Newspaper Journalism in my local college for the last year, and I am so glad I can leave my student days behind and move into the world of full time employment again.


I don’t start my new job for a while, so I have had a bit of spare time on my hands over the last week or so. I have been trying to get college work completed, which consequently left me reflecting on the past year. I cannot believe this academic year is almost over, and I can officially say I am no longer a student. As much as this fills me with a tiny bit of dread, as being a ‘student’ is almost like a little comfort blanket that you can fall back on, in case anything goes wrong, I am so excited for my future to move forward. To not have to carry about a school bag every day, to not have to juggle between college, revision, my part time job, a social life and of course eating and sleeping. I will miss my course though, and if anyone in Northern Ireland is thinking about taking up a career in Journalism, I would recommend this course at North West Regional College 110%.

Because I am a student again now for the 3rd time in my life, I couldn’t help but compare the Naomi who sat her A-Levels, and then went on to do her degree, to the student I am now, and I came up with a list of 5 life lessons that I have definitely learned along the way.

1.No one cares about you.

OK , so this sounds really harsh, but it is meant in a positive way. I learned it from one of my favourite snap-chatters, Doireann Garrihy. Doireann is a radio presenter from Dublin and she is fierce craic on Snapchat, I would definitely recommend following her. You know when you think, ‘I wonder what that person would think of me if I did this, or that, or if I changed this about myself etc etc.’ Sometimes other people’s opinion can effect your actions and if you are overly self conscious or care too much about other people’s feelings, this might stop you from doing something that you really want to do. But what if that person didn’t care? Would you do it then? It really is an amazing way to think. I have been living my life by it now for the last few months. No one cares what you do or say, so do what you want, and say what you feel!


2. Be positive

What do you actually gain from being negative? What way must your mind work if you see the negative in situations where you could see a positive? I like to be as realistic as possible but it is always SO much better to see a positive side of something than the negative. How nice is it to talk to someone that has a positive outlook on life and certain situations? Well, why not be that person? It really makes your day, week, and year go in a lot better, even if you are bogged down with exams and revision. Frowning causes wrinkles after all, smile and be positive!

lifelessons 1

3. Other peoples’ opinions of you are none of your business

When I was younger I was very self critical and thought a lot of what people in my town and my peers thought of me. I started The Big F Word a few years ago on a different platform and due to no self confidence I never promoted it on social media. It was almost as if I was doing it secretly because I didn’t want to be judged. Now at the ripe old age of 25, I really could not care less what people think of me or of what I do, because I am doing it because I love it. What people think of you is in their own head and maybe sometimes people might talk about you in a bad way but that’s their problem and it says more about them than it does about you. Do what makes you happy because as the age old saying goes, ‘Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.’


4. Take yourself out of the situation and re-evaluate

So you have just lost your coursework, and you have no other copy. Or your about to go out the door to a special event and you spilled something on your dress. Or you’ve had a ‘massive’ argument with your boyfriend and its ‘over’. These are all first world problems and so easily fixed but at the time, if your anything like me, you might be having a rage attack and a mental breakdown all rolled up in one ball full of tears and snotters and craziness. But really, the world isn’t over, no one has died and once you take yourself out of the situation for 5 seconds, realise you are being an absolute drama queen, you can re-evaluate and solve the problem. Is there something worse that could have happened to you? The answer is always yes, so quit your crying honey, and get on with it!


5. Love Yoself!

Seriously, you need to love yourself to have a happy life. Stop criticising your every action, stop comparing yourself to other people, stop looking at your flaws and start celebrating your beauty. Stop over analysing every word you have said and start having great conversations with people you wouldn’t talk to every day. There are some people in this world that didn’t make it to your age, so be grateful for every single day.


Soooooooooo…. I know this blog post was a little different from what I usually write about but I thought if it helped me get through a hectic year of juggling life, then it might just help someone else. If you have got this far and are still reading, thanks so much!!

I have a lot planned for the blog this month, an exciting collaboration, moving onto social media, and another style tips post that should be live next week.

Since my last post, about the 5 basics every wardrobe should have, I noticed a lot of activity on the blog. There was a lot of views from a range of different countries, which I am so pleased with. I really want to grow The Big F Word as much as possible, and I have been putting together some steps to do that. Keep your eyes peeled!

As always, thank you for your support, and if you haven’t followed already, there is a little button at the side for you to do so.

Much Love,


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