Fashion & Feminism 

If one good thing has come from Donald Duck, sorry I mean Donald Trump, becoming president of the US, is that it’s suddenly unleashed a world full of feminists, that weren’t so vocal before. 

Unless you have been hiding under a rock over the past few days, you’ll have seen feminists take over the world news, social media and every thing in between. There have been woman and men protesting around the globe, all fighting for the same cause. Major celebrities like Madonna and Beyoncé have got involved, shouting the message louder than any normal person could. 

I have a love- hate relationship with the word ‘feminist’, because a lot of the time it can become synonomous with hairy, loud, bare faced, crazy women who hate men and all their existence. 

When in fact it’s really not. I’d like to think the majority of women these days are feminists, and we shouldn’t be made feel awkward for saying so. 

We can wear make up and a bra, and still want equal rights. 

As a matter of fact, I’m sure there are plenty of men who are feminists and they don’t even no. If your a man, you have to think about your wife, your girlfriend and her rights. What if you have a daughter someday and she is treated differently just because she’s a girl? Are you going to support her? 

Just this morning, Trainspotting star, Ewan McGregor was due to appear on Good Morning Britain, to promote his latest film. But instead, he didn’t show up and then tweeted, explaining how he didn’t want to be interview by Piers Morgan, who had made his own stupid comments about the woman marches around the world. 

I like to use the word ‘equalist’ better, or as Meryl Streep calls herself, a ‘humanist’. Because that’s what it’s all about, each and every human being equal. Wheather you have a penis or a vagina, we just want equal rights. 

Of course we have come a long way from the suffragettes, thank the good lord, but there are still certain things we aren’t treated fairly on. 

Did you know that women in full time jobs, only earn 77% of what their male counterpart earns? Surprisingly,  Britain is one of the worst countries in the world with regards to gender inequality at work. 

Did you know 62 million girls across the world are denied an education every year? 

Women all over the world aged 15-44 are more at risk of rape and domestic violence than of cancer, car accidents and malaria. 

These facts and figures are disgusting!! 

However, things are changing, and with the help of some amazing, influential women, we might just be equal someday! 

The French fashion house, Dior, has appointed a female creative director, for the first time in history!! Maria Grazia Chiuri has taken over, and what was one of the first things she done? Bring out a tshirt with the slogan on it, “We Should All Be Feminsits” 

The fact that a woman ran for president in 2016 is amazing, despite the fact she fell short against an over weight Oompa Loompa. Call Hillary what you like, and no she was not perfect, but she was still a woman, and she still almost made it into the White House (for the second time).Her fashion sense was a big influence on the cat walks, with the pant suits being every where. Céline offering the coolest take on presidential chic. 

The fact that we also have a female Prime Minister in the U.K. is great. I know we’ve already had one before, but it’s still an achievement in itself. One thing that annoyed me so much, was that despite all the political, hard work Teresa May was doing, the British press were more concerned about how much she was spending on her wardrobe. When has it EVER been reported on, about how much any of our previous, male Prime Ministers have spent on their three peice suits??? I can’t ever remember that making front page news. 

One of our generations newest voices, in regards to feminism, is Emma Watson. The ever chic actress has recently addressed the United Nations, and reminded us all that this is not just a fight for woman, and that it is time for men to get involved too. 

Coco Chanel was one of the first outspoken feminists. During a time when women wore nothing but skirts and dresses, Chanel designed trousers and suits, bringing the comfort of men’s fashion, to the ladies catwalks. 

This was a bit of a different blog post for The Big F Word, and I hope I didn’t bore you.

 I think it’s so important to be clued in, to what’s happening around us, and what’s effecting us, not just as women but in general. 

In future, speak up and talk about gender inequality, and make it clear your a feminist, humanist or equalist,  and proud to be. 

And don’t worry, we love you men just as much as always 😘

Once again, thanks so much for reading!! If you like what your seeing, please share with your friends, and click the follow button to the right of the page so you don’t miss out in future. 

Much love 😘

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