New Year, New Wardrobe

If I see one more ‘New Year, New Me’ post on any social media, I may shut down my accounts and flee the country. I had drafted a ‘Resolutions’ post for The Big F Word, but then I scrapped it. I’m even getting sick of reading about what people are going to change about themselves, so why would I put you guys through the same. Maybe I’m only saying this because I started working out yesterday for the first time in about 2 years, and I am in agony as I type. God, I hate exercise. Why can’t we all be lovely and toned, while still eating cheeseburgers? Like come on, it is 2017!!

Anyways, back to the post at hand. 

I am sure we have all fell victims to the January sales so far, and if you haven’t, please email me through your will power strategies, because I literally cannot help myself. If it’s been reduced, or if I’m saving even the slightest bit of money, I will talk myself into buying it. Yes I know, awful habit to have. Maybe I’ll add that to the list of things I need to change.

Although, I have noticed myself impulse buying, not trying things on, and returning or exchanging them. This means I don’t actually need it, and I’m only splurging because it’s on sale. This year I really want to start saving money, and putting my savings into something a bit more worthwhile than a new wardrobe, so with the sales, I’m thinking savvy, and trying to save money as I go along.

I’ve done a little forecasting, and looked at what the Spring/Summer 2017 top trends are, and I’ve been trying to purchase things that fall into these categories, so when Spring comes around, I’m already on trend and I won’t feel the need to splash out,(hopefully, fingers crossed, say a prayer for me, I can do this!!)

So below you’ll find a quick review of what the top trends are for the seasons ahead of us, so while your out shopping the sales, you’ll no what to purchase to get yourself a head of the game.



‘Pink makes the boys wink’, isn’t that how the saying goes? Well forget about the boys, pink will keep you on-trend and looking fierce all through out SS17. Shades of fushia, rose, and bubble gum were seen all over the catwalks, and are predicted to be everywhere on the high street.



Not just khaki, but all those lovely, earthy tones surrounding it on the colour wheel will be everywhere in the next few months. Khaki is such a versatile colour, and it never really goes out of style: you can wear it all year long. If you think you have a little khaki gem hiding in your wardrobe, dig it out and get it ready for the season ahead.



Stripes, in any shape or form, have been predicted to be a big hit this Spring 2017. Weather its bold and geometric, or subtle like a pin stripe shirt, expect to see them dotted about the high street. You’ll see them on everything from accessories, right through to swim wear. Remember the rule though, horizontal stripes across the body can make you look bigger than you are, so be careful.



Someone show me a print that doesn’t scream ‘Spring has arrived!’ more than a simple floral print does. This one goes without saying, but I thought I would just mention it  in case you find a little bargain in the sales. I have already noticed floral is big in the shops at the minute, with their new stock coming in, so stock up now while you can.


There is nothing easier than throwing on a pair of ripped jeans and a slogan tee and knowing you still look cool AF. The simplest look, yet still screams style. Slogan tees were seen all over the catwalk from Dior to House of Holland, and I’m predicting they’ll be everywhere on the high street soon enough. Weather the slogan be simple and to the point, or rude and eye catching, you can wear it with pretty much anything.


Sheer was a massive trend for Winter 16 and it is not going anywhere. If you have anything at the minute, prepare to wear it to death over the next few months, and if not, get hoking through those sale rails for a bargain. Obviously, sheer isn’t for everyone, due to the fact you might as well be naked, but you can do it in moderation, with sheer panelling or cut-outs. However, if you are prepared to bare it all, make sure your underwear game is up to scratch and you have a cute bralet underneath.


That’s it from me today, I hope you found this shopping guide useful and picked up some tips. I’m off to do some shopping myself today, as I have a trip to London next week and I obviously need a new wardrobe for that, right?? Here’s hoping it comes from the sale rail though!

Thanks for reading, and I’d like to wish you all a happy, healthy and fabulous new year ahead!

Lots of Love,

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