Winter Coats to Flatter your Figure – and your purse will love them too!

As the temperature drops, it won’t be long until we are all reaching for our trusty winter coats – I know I am already!  But just because we are covering up, doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style.

In case any of you are in the market for a new winter addition to your wardrobe, I’ve put together my favourite winter coats and jackets to help us stay cosy, and cute throughout this chilly season.

A winter coat is something that will last you years (if you look after it) and you will wear it day in and day out. So therefore, its important to get something that will flatter your figure, and make you look the best you can.

We are all different shapes and sizes, and it can be quite difficult shopping for a new coat, especially when they aren’t the cheapest of garments.So I have had a look at all the different body shapes, and whats out there to suit your shape the best. Wheather you are a size 18 bootilicious babe, or a size 6 Victoria Secret Angel, I have the perfect coat for you this Winter.


The female body shape can be categorised into 5 different options, as you can see in the image above. In case you’re not sure what shape you are, don’t worry – I will explain.

Strawberry Shape 

Strawberry shape, is someone who is quite busty, or top heavy, but is slim from the waist down. If this is you, you will want to stay away from anything that will extenuate the bust even more. Staying away from belts, or cinched in waist lines will do this for you. Military buttons or duffel coats are a good idea, as they will stream line your figure, taking the eye straight down the middle. A longer hem line will also add length to your legs, and draw the attention away from the larger bust area. This will give the illusion of a more balanced silhouette.

Banana Shape

Banana shape can also be called Boyish or Athletic – whenever your pretty much straight up and down. Your bust and your bum are small and your hips are slim. With an athletic figure, you can pretty much get away with anything, but there are some tips and tricks to add curves. Adding a belt to a longer length coat will give you a waistline that most people will envy. Another way to add curves is to wear a cropped aviator or leather jacket. This will cut you off at the waist, giving the illusion that there are curves underneath. With a banana shape you can play about with colours and prints, although stay away from vertical lines – this will only add to the ‘banana’ shape.

Apple Shape 

If you are an apple shape, you will carry most of your weight around your stomach area, as well as having a large bust, with slimmer legs. Like the strawberry shape, you will want to stay away from belts, and waistlines. Instead, a more streamlined coat will suit your figure better. Another trick is to get something that will drape over the body, without adding too much extra material. A lightweight mac would be perfect for this. Colour wise, you’ll want to stay clear of any bold print or large horizontal stripes as this will only add weight.

Pear Shape 

If you’ve got narrow shoulders, with a small bust but larger hips and bum, then you’re a pear shape. To try and get a coat to fit your shoulders can be quite difficult, so you’ll want something comfortable without drowning your figure. Adding more to your neckline, like fur or embellishment will balance your silhouette and take the eye away from your larger hips. Pleats or a peplum will only add weight to your bottom half, so it’s better to stick to a simpler style.

Hour Glass 

An hour glass figure is pretty self explanatory; bust and hips are of equal-ish size with a skinnier waist.  It depends on yourself, weather you want to flaunt that hourglass shape that a lot of woman would love to have, or weather you want to conceal it slightly. A belted long coat, like a mac or trench coat would be perfect for keeping your lovely figure, but not putting it out there too much.

So that’s all the body shapes ticked off the list. No matter what size you are or what shape category you fall into, there is something out there to suit everyone.

All of the coats I’ve looked at in this post are from ASOS. At the minute they have a massive sale on all coats and outerwear, with up to 60% off. They even have reductions on hats, scarves and gloves!!

So if you are planning on treating yourself to a new winter staple, I’d hop on over to ASOS now while the offers are there. Your practically saving money, right??
I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If  size guides and shopping tricks are something you enjoy reading about, please let me know. And if you have any more tips, pop them in the comments below and pass on your wisdom with us all.
Happy shopping! πŸ›

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