Grab your heels – party season is upon us!

Now that Halloween is done and dusted, it will be no time at all until we are all dawning our sequins and sparkles and hitting the town, on many festive nights out.

Christmas can be a very expensive time; from family gatherings, to present buying, let alone trying to get your wardrobe in order. If your anything like me, dressing the part is just as important as a turkey dinner on the 25th, and I hate feeling like I can’t afford everything.

So I’ve had a look at what three popular, low cost retailers have on offer for the festive season, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Primark, Matalan and Boohoo are all pretty inexpensive; you can pick up key pieces for little to nothing, whilst not compromising on style.


Long gone are the days when Primark was snubbed by fashion lovers. Its latest Christmas campaign is absolutely stunning and reminds me on something I would see from Topshop!! Textures are a massive thing this season, and we will see a lot of fur, velvet, brocade and satin in stores. Primark have hit the nail on the head with all of these pieces below, they are my favourites out of a massive collection. Although you can’t buy on Primarks website yet, its alwasy good to have a nosey before going in store.



Matalan is a retailer I would normally look over, but with Denis Van Outen’s ad campaign on television at the minute, it made me have a look at what was going on. It has some amazing pieces, again highlighting the texture trend. It also has a few leopard print pieces, a shorter coat which is what I liked the most, as well as a longer version you can find on their website. This is also a big trend for AW16 and you can see my previous blog post all about it here.



After I had found plenty of party dresses, coats and everything in between, I thought how could we leave out the shoes? Texture doesn’t stop when it comes to footwear and its a trend that has became universal- going from your head right down to your toes. Boohoo have an amazing selection of party wear and the shoes to match. Trying to narrow it down to 4 of my favourites was almost impossible. Definitely check out their website for a lot more amazing styles.  Those blue velvet sandals are something else!!





Weather you have money coming out of your eyeballs, or you’re a poor little student like myself, we can all dress to impress this festive season!

I hope you guys got some Christmas inspiration from this post, and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

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Peace out Peeps – Happy Shopping!


The Big F Word


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