Hi there, and welcome to my new and improved fashion and lifestyle blog, The Big F Word.

I suppose I should start by introducing myself; my name is Naomi, I’m 24 and I’m from Ireland. I’m not long home from spending a year and a half living and loving life in Australia, but now I’m home to get my life and career in order.

I’m a Journalism student and already have a degree in Fashion Management. I love writing and expressing myself, so I put my two loves together and voila!! I give you, The Big F Word.

If if it’s not obvious, the ‘F’ stands for fashion, but it’s not strictly a fashion blog. Of course there will be a lot of outfit posts, trends and hauls, but I’ll also be reminiscing on my travels,giving some beauty reviews and just generally chatting about the trials and tribulations of being a skint student.

I always wanted to have my own blog, and tried a few times, but I never took it too seriously, and it always just became something I forgot about. I scroll through pages and pages of local and international bloggers almost every day, and I admire them so much. So I thought why not me? Why can’t I make a successful go at this?  And this time I’ve made a promise with myself to do it!

Although the idea of putting myself and my work out there is incredibly daunting, and makes me cringe my head off at times, I thought what better way to get myself geared up for the future than by taking this blog seriously, having regular posts and interviews, and treating it as a business. I know there will be people who will judge, and criticise, but I’m doing something that I love so hey, who cares about the haters?


So if you still reading, I thank you for staying tuned for my first blog post. The first of many, I hope you enjoy.


Much love 😘






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